IBM Test 000-287. Enterprise Application Development with IBM WebSphere Studio, V5.0 Study Guide


Mikalai Zaikin

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July 2005

Revision History
Revision 0.116 Sep 2005MZ
Added samples source code and WSAD Practicing Mind Map (see Appendix A, Additional materials).
Revision 0.018 Jul 2005MZ
Initial release.


The purpose of this document is to help in preparation for IBM Test 000-287 (Enterprise Application Development with IBM WebSphere Studio, V5.0).

This document should not be used as the only study material for IBM Test 000-287. It covers all objective topics, but it is not enough. I tried to make this document as much accurate as possible, but if you find any error, please let me know.

Table of Contents

I. Exam Objectives
1. Design, build and test reusable enterprise components
Design and develop session EJBs
Design and develop message-driven EJBs
Design and develop entity EJBs
Access container and server services from enterprise components
Implement mechanisms for efficient inter-component calls
Test and debug enterprise components
2. Design, build and test web components
Design, develop and test Java Servlets, filters and listeners
Design, develop and test JSPs
Manage end-user state and understand performance tradeoffs of using HTTP sessions
Design and develop custom tags
3. Develop clients that access the enterprise components
Implement Java clients calling EJBs
Implement Java clients calling Web Services
Implement mechanisms which support loose coupling between clients and components
4. Demonstrate understanding of database connectivity and messaging within IBM WebShpere Application Server
Create, configure, and tune connection pools
Interact with connection pools to obtain and release connections
Configure JMS connection factories and destinations
5. EJB transactions
Build EJBs which satisfy transactional requirements
Use JTA to control transaction demarcation
Manipulate transactional behavior of EJBs using deployment descriptors
6. Assemble enterprise applications and deploy them in IBM WebSphere Application Server
Assemble web components, EJB components, and client application components into enterprise applications
Deploy enterprise applications into servers
Configure resource and security-role references
Create and configure WebSphere test environment servers
7. Validate, tune and troubleshoot an application within an IBM WebSphere Application Server environment
Use tracing and profiling tools to analyze and tune applications
Explain implications of resource management on application design and implementation
Identify misbehaving application components
Describe the effects of a server failure on the application
Validate operational parameters of application server to support the enterprise application
II. Appendixes
A. Additional materials
Source code
WSAD 5.0 Practicing for IBM Test 000-287 Mind Map
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