6.4.  Configure messaging engine policies for clustered service integration bus (SIBus) members.


Messaging engine policies

Recovering config data from a failed/crashed Messaging Engine (ME)

From WAS v 8.5 onwards, a new feature has been added to WAS where in the event of a crash or failed messaging engine, if there is no backup available, it is possible to recover the configuration data of the messaging engine. This will help recover the messages in the message store (which can either be a filestore or database).

  1. The configuration consists of a bus Bus1 which has an application server, server1 as the bus member. This bus member hosts a queue destination named queue1 which currently has 10 messages. To simulate a failure situation, delete the bus member.

  2. To recover the configuration run the recoverMEConfig command by providing bus name, message store details, node and server name:

    $AdminTask recoverMEConfig {-busName Bus1 -messageStore FILE
    	-logDirectory "C:\WAS\profiles\AppSrv01\filestores\com.ibm.ws.sib\log"
    	-permLogDirectory "C:\WAS\profiles\AppSrv01\filestores\com.ibm.ws.sib\store"
    	-tempLogDirectory "C:\WAS\profiles\AppSrv01\filestores\store"
    	-nodeName Node01 -serverName server1}

  3. If the message store is a database, the command will look like:

    $AdminTask recoverMEConfig {-busName Bus1 -messageStore DB
    	-dataSource "DS1" -schemaName "dsSchema" -nodeName Node01 -serverName server1}

  4. Save the config:

    $AdminConfig save

  5. This will restore the configuration along with the messages in the message store.

Points to remember when using recoverMEConfig command in WAS

Users can use wsadmin command recoverMEConfig to recover the lost configuration data of a messaging engine. Using this command the configuration data of the crashed or lost Messaging Engine and its child destinations of type queues and topic spaces will be recovered.

The persistent messages in the message store can be recovered once the Messaging Engine is started after the command executes successfully. However not all the configuration data will be available for the user and hence the user needs to keep in mind the cases listed below:

NOTE: Default values that have been changed for the administrative properties of Messaging Engine and destination can't be recovered. When user will recover, all properties are set to their default values

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