Chapter 4. Running Applications

Create server instance and server configuration

Creating a server and server configuration

A server identifies the run-time environment that you want to use for testing your project resources. A server configuration contains information that is required to set up and publish a server.

To create a server and configuration manually:

  1. If you have not already created a server project, do so now (File > New > Server Project from Server perspective).

  2. In the Navigator view, right-click the server project and then select New > Server and Server Configuration. The Create a New Server and Server Configuration wizard opens. This wizard creates a new server and configuration at the same time.

    Server and Server Configuration

  3. Follow the instructions in the wizard to specify the details of the server and server configuration that you want to create. For more information about any of the fields on this wizard, select the field and then press F1.

  4. In the Server type list, on the Create a new Server and Server Configuration page of the wizard, select the type of test environment where you want to test your resources. For more details on each of the supported server types, select a type from the list and read the description that appears in the Description area of this wizard page.

  5. If you want to create this server based on an existing one, select the name of the template from the top Template list. Otherwise, select None.

  6. Depending on what server type you select, the server configuration type is automatically selected for you:

    Server and Server Configuration

  7. Depending on what server type you select, the Next button may be enabled so that you can specify more details on the additional pages of the wizard:

    Server and Server Configuration

  8. Click Finish. The new server and configuration folder appear under the server project folder in the Navigator view. The server also appears in the Servers view and the Server Configuration view, if they are opened. The server tools automatically set the new server to use the new configuration.

    New TestServer

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