Creating A Stateless EJB

  1. Select File > New > Other... from the Eclipse menu.

  2. Browse to EJB 3.0 > Session Bean and click the Next button.

    EJB 3.0 > Session Bean

  3. In the Create a new EJB 3 Session Bean dialog, enter the following:

    The Bean Package field: by.iba.ejb

    The Bean Name field: StatelessCalculator

    NOTE: make sure Stateless Session Bean Type radio button is selected.

    Click the Finish button.

    Session Bean - Finish

  4. The wizard has created two files: the Bean Implementation Class ( and the Bean Remote Interface (

    Bean Implementation Class and Remote Interface

    StatelessCalculatorBean class:

    package by.iba.ejb;
    import javax.ejb.Stateless;
    import by.iba.ejb.StatelessCalculator;
    public @Stateless class StatelessCalculatorBean implements StatelessCalculator {

    StatelessCalculator interface:

    package by.iba.ejb;
    import javax.ejb.Remote;
    public interface StatelessCalculator {

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