Appendix D. Enterprise Application Development Environment - Testing - Part 3 (EJB 3.0 Entity)


In the previous parts, Eclipse, and JBoss were tested by building Stateless and Stateful Session EJBs. In this part an EJB 3.0 Entity will be created to test the database connectivity. Once this part has been completed, the infrastructure is known to be complete and functioning.

NOTE: The source code for this part of testing can be downloaded as a zip archive.

The Part 3 is using the created in Part 1 Calculator project with StatelessCalculator bean. If you did not go through Part 1, you can import the Calculator project from the Part 1 archive or from the Part 2 archive:

  1. Click the File > Import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace menu.

  2. Make sure the Select archive file radio button is selected:

    Import Existing Projects into Workspace

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