Configuring Persistence Unit Definition

  1. The EntityManager in the source (see the previous section), uses the name "calculator" to identify the persistence unit to use:

    @PersistenceContext(unitName = "calculator")
    private EntityManager manager;

    This persistence unit is defined in a new file called persistence.xml, in the src/META-INF folder of the Calculator project.

    Select File > New > Other... from the Eclipse menu.

    Browse to General > File and click the Next button.

    New file

    In the New File dialog, enter the following:

    The Enter or select the parent folder field: Calculator/src/META-INF

    The File name field: persistence.xml

    Click the Finish button.

    New file - Step 2

  2. Switch to the Source tab of the file editor and add the persistence.xml file contents as follows:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    	<persistence-unit name="calculator">
    			<property name="" value="create-drop" />

    The persistence.xml file makes a link between the persistence unit and the datasource. JBoss comes with the Hypersonic SQL database embedded within it and a default datasource available in JNDI under java:/DefaultDS.

    The persistence configuration says to create new tables each time the application is deployed and to drop tables when it's undeployed:

    <property name="" value="create-drop" />

    This means that your data will be lost each time you redeploy your application.

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